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5. In & Out of School

Week 5 Theme: In & Out of School What does digital authorship look like in different educational contexts? AGENDA, February 21, 2018 Renee reviews your completed work Sharing on Twitter #EDC534 Class members viewing & reflecting on our live class Key ideas from the readings Reflecting on your experience with PDF annotation Renee’s reflection on your

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LEAP 1 – Burst Your Bubble

We’re listening to Morgan Jaffe’s “Burst Your Bubble” podcast. Students critically analyze an episode, as a mentor text, using the five critical questions of media literacy contextualized with readings from the course. These episodes were analyzed by graduate students: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Jamie Greene, Denise Phillips Cheers or Queers: Meg Jones, Hairspray and

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1. Introduction to the Course

Welcome to the course! AGENDA Introductions: Your  Identity as a Person with an Upcoming Birthday in 2018/2019 Review Learning Outcomes, Readings, Assignments and Topics Pros and Cons of Using a Facebook Closed Group for Academic Discussion Preview Class Participation Homework due Wednesday, January 31 If you did not participate in the live synchronous class, watch

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