6. Identity in a Digital Age


Week 6 Theme: Identity in a Digital Age

How does authorship help to construct personal, social and political identity?How is identity influenced by digital media, mass media and popular culture? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Our recorded meeting is available for viewing here. 


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View and Discuss: Online vs Offline Self: Who is the Real You?

Research is a Conversation. Pair-share activity.  Connect key ideas from the readings and discussion. Through dialogue, generate some possible research questions about the issues of identity in a digital age. Post your questions on this Google Doc as you work with your partner.

Review learning activities for next week

4. Digital Storytelling


Our live class was on Wednesday, February 13 at 7 PM EST. 

Inquiry Question: What makes digital narratives so powerful and complex as a tool for learning?

Please watch the recorded video and offer a comment on this page regarding your response to the issues discussed in the session.


3. Critical & Creative

We had a live synchronous class on Wednesday, Feb 6 at 7 pm EST. If you missed this session, you can watch the video and answer the questions in the Pathwight.

Theme of the Week. Critical and Creative: What is the relationship between readers and writers in a digital age?


  1. Renee reviews your completed work on the Pathwright
  2. Review Twitter #EDC534 stream
  3. Group Activity: Analyze a mentor text AND create a podcast through dialogue
  4. Questions on LEAP #1 DUE Feb 15
  5. Review class participation for next week

2. Digital Authorship

Week 2 Theme: What is Digital Authorship? What are the conditions under which creative expression flourishes?Join us on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 7 pm EST for our synchronous video conference. If you are unable to attend, you can watch the recording and complete the questions provided to receive class participation credit.

I goofed on the recording, sadly, so there is only 8 minutes of our amazing class. You can find the alternative activity on the Pathwright under the item for the Class on January 30.


  1. Celebrating Our Team
  2. Small group viewing and discussion: Most interesting concepts from the Study Sheet
  3. Compare and contrast Nathan Zed’s “You’re Not Good Enough” to “How to Build a Creative Style Online” by Anna Rothschild using Google Drawings Venn Diagram
  4. Review LEAP 1 assignment DUE FEB 15
  5. Review class participation activities for next week
  6. Graduate Student Photo Contest
  7. Questions and Other Issues

LEAP #3 Digital Stories

In this assignment, students compose a digital story on a topic of their choice, choosing to create a podcast, video production or a screencast under 6 minutes in length.

Alida Hanson: Monkey Jungle

Sherri Jackson – I Am From

Adam Hogue: A Roomful of Family Reflect on Summer in Maine

Kristen Hoffman: My Teaching Placement

Mary Dinsdorff: Not Just in Britain

Denise Phillips: Trouble at School

Pat Johnson: The Morning I Didn’t Want to Get My Shoes Wet

Matt Mendes: Birth of a Teacher

Matt Paiva: My Father Revealed

Tim Stewart: Departure Time

Jamie Greene – An Abandoned Dog 

Meg Jones – Sharks of the Galapagos

Barbara Miller – Bang Bang Cake

Angie Hartley – Vietnam Travel

Erica Harrington – The Lake Monster

Changhee Lee – Disaster