How to Register

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in EDC 534, Seminar in Digital Authorship with Professor Renee Hobbs

Screenshot 2017-12-13 09.43.35To apply for the URI Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, click here.

1. Special Information for Students Already Enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy Program.Review the Google Doc which walks you through the process of registering. Please use this information to register:

EDC 534 sect 0250 class number 5682 – Digital Authorship

2. Special Information for URI Graduate Students with Assistantships

If you have a graduate assistantship at URI, then you must register for this class: EDC 586 sect 0003 class number 5097 (Independent Study)
This class covers the same content as EDC 534 and represents an administrative convenience for enrollment purposes only.  Your program of study will be  annotated as Seminar in Digital Authorship. This is the only way for the cost of this class to be covered under your assistantship. If you have a URI assistantship, any tuition waivers applied must be approved separately from the regular process. You must send a copy of your approved tuition waiver to  Christine P Dolan in order for it to be approved to cover the cost for this class. Once approved, it will then be forwarded to the bursar’s office for processing. This will not happen until Spring classes begin so you will see a balance on your account until then.
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