LEAP #3 Digital Stories

In this assignment, students compose a digital story on a topic of their choice, choosing to create a podcast, video production or a screencast under 6 minutes in length.

Alida Hanson: Monkey Jungle

Sherri Jackson – I Am From

Adam Hogue: A Roomful of Family Reflect on Summer in Maine

Kristen Hoffman: My Teaching Placement

Mary Dinsdorff: Not Just in Britain

Denise Phillips: Trouble at School

Pat Johnson: The Morning I Didn’t Want to Get My Shoes Wet

Matt Mendes: Birth of a Teacher

Matt Paiva: My Father Revealed

Tim Stewart: Departure Time

Jamie Greene – An Abandoned Dog 

Meg Jones – Sharks of the Galapagos

Barbara Miller – Bang Bang Cake

Angie Hartley – Vietnam Travel

Erica Harrington – The Lake Monster

Changhee Lee – Disaster