5. Challenges of Implementation

Our inquiry question: What are the challenges of implementing digital production activities in and out of school?

If you missed the live synchronous class, watch the video and answer the questions on the Pathwright to receive class participation credit.


  1. Polling as Pedagogy. We’ll use Sli.do to share opinions and discuss ideas. Use Join Code #7503 to share your opinion.

2. Compare and Contrast. Teachers describe their classroom management strategies. Consider these questions:

  • What similarities and differences are evident?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches?
  • How do these videos reveal or embody concepts explored in this week’s readings?

3. Renee reviews your work as digital learners

and explains learning activities for next week on the Pathwright

5. Imagining your final Project. Questions and comments

4. OPTIONAL: Youth Filmmaker Showcase

At the Reel Connections program, part of the Providence Children’s Film Festival, you can screen and discuss examples of youth media. Join me for one of these 2 events this weekend. Bring your family!

  • VOLUME 1. Friday, February 22. 7 PM. RISD Museum, Metcalf Auditorium. 20 N. Main Street, Providence. Ages 13+
  • VOLUME 2. Sunday, February 24, 3:30 PM. RISD Auditorium, 7 Canal Walk, Providence. All ages.

Author: Renee Hobbs

Renee Hobbs is a Professor at the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island, where she directs the Media Education Lab.

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