Spring 2017

Collaborate and Connect. You work with a class partner to develop an extended, rich dialogue about concepts and ideas of mutual interest to the themes explored in this class. Then you work collaboratively with your partner to develop a small informal work of multimedia authorship that captures key dimensions of your dialogue. Feel free to stretch out of your comfort zone to create something using a digital tool you have never used before. Use Twitter to share your work using the #EDC534 hashtag.

Use this space to brainstorm, share ideas and find a partner.

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. You and your partner use dialogue to explore some concepts and ideas from the course, selecting those ideas that are most important, intriguing or problematic to you.
  2. Working collaboratively, you have developed a simple, coherent multimedia production (in any genre or format) to represent key ideas and themes from your dialogue.
  3. Your work speaks to a wider audience outside of this course and has relevance to the themes and issues we are exploring. Your work reflects the insights that come from genuine dialogue. You have published this work on your blog and tweeted a link using the #EDC534 hashtag.

DUE: Monday, March 20


Kate Williams and Clarissa Walker on “Color Correction”

EXAMPLE 2: Krysten Palazzolo and Cassie Souto