LEAP 2: Collaborate and Create



With a partner, discuss and select an interesting subset of ideas from among the course readings and learning activities. Consider how your dialogue about these ideas enables other new ideas to emerge.

Find a partner and establish your partnership here.

Working collaboratively, create a short video that captures your dialogue on the topics or issues you have identified as most important. Use a combination of still and/or moving images with some language to explain these ideas in a video of no more than 5 minutes in length. You may choose to inform, persuade and/or entertain, using any format, genre or style appropriate for your intended target audience of college-educated adults with an interest in digital literacy. For these videos, it’s generally better to focus on 1 – 2 very specific and novel ideas, or to explore paradoxes and controversies, rather than very general statements that are already familiar to the target audience.

Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and post your video on your blog, along with a brief reflective blog post about the highlights and lowlights of the learning experience.  Tweet the URL using the hashtag #EDC534.

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. You Talked Together to Synthesize Ideas from the Readings. You have developed ideas through dialogue about some key ideas from the course readings and explained these ideas in a way that demonstrates a solid understanding of the concept(s).
  2. You Developed a Focus for Your Collaborative Work. The video has a thesis statement and uses visual and verbal modes of expression to express a small set of ideas and their relevance to your life, work and/or professional interests.
  3. You Created a Video Working Collaboratively through the Production Process. The video attracts and holds viewer interest, is well-organized, and uses image, language and sound effectively to inform the target audience.
  4. You Address a Target Audience. The video shows evidence of sensitivity to the needs of the target audience, with an attention-getting opening and other rhetorical devices that motivate viewer interest.
  5. You Reflect on the Experience. You have offered a short reflection on the experience of collaborating and creating under deadline pressure.

Submission Details

DUE: Friday, March 8, 2019  – midnight

Post the video to your blog along with a brief personal reflection on the nature of the learning activity for you, considering both the highlights and lowlights of the process. Then Tweet a link using the #EDC534 hashtag

Samples of Student Work

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