LEAP #4. Remix Creativity: Exploring an Online Community. Establish an account at HitRecord and participate in this community in a meaningful way. Then write a blog post describing your experience, using some of the key ideas from the course readings and discussions to reflect on your experience. Tweet a link to your blog using the #EDC534 hashtag.

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. You have engaged with the Hit Record community for a minimum of 5 hours, explored the space, engaged with the activities, and created and contributed some forms of creative expression.
  2. You have reflected on your own experience as a digital author and as a novice in this particular online community, describing what you felt, thought and experienced. You have used hyperlinks in your writing to document some of your exploration of the HitRecord online community.
  3. You have used key ideas from the course to make a connection, challenge or deepen arguments, or synthesize ideas considering the relationship between what “they say” and what you have experienced as a digital author and participant in the Hit Record community.

DUE: April 4