LEAP #2. Explain a Key Idea.

Select an interesting subset of ideas from among the course readings. Then use still and/or moving images with some language to explain these ideas in a video of no more than 2 minutes in length. You may choose to inform, persuade and/or entertain, using any format, genre or style appropriate for your intended target audience of college-educated adults with an interest in digital literacy. Learn more about the steps in the process of creating a simple video and some simple free digital tools to use. Upload to YouTube or Vimeo and post your video on your blog and tweet about it using the hashtag #EDC534.

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. You have selected a key set of ideas from the course readings and explained these ideas in a way that demonstrates a solid understanding of the concept(s).
  2. The video has a thesis statement and uses visual and verbal modes of expression to express a small set of ideas and their relevance to your life, work and/or professional interests.
  3. The video attracts and holds viewer interest, is well-organized, and uses image, language and sound effectively to inform the target audience.

DUE: Monday, February 27