LEAP #1 Media Memoir (100 points)

DUE: February 6, 2017

You have been critically analyzing print media, mass media and popular culture and creating messages using language and images since you were quite young. Reflect on your life experience with “the critical and the creative” and then compose a short media memoir that takes us back to some vivid experience you had when you were younger. Learn more about the genre of the memoir here. Make at least one reference to some of the ideas you have encountered in the course readings so far. Embed at least one image and one hyperlink in your writing. Remember: Storytelling is at the heart of a powerful memoir. Post your memoir to your blog and tweet a link using the #EDC534 hashtag.

Criteria for Evaluation

1. The writing tone is authentic and personal and you use rich descriptive writing and compelling narrative to capture the sights, sounds, and feelings of some aspect of your experience with critically analyzing and creating media.

2. The media memoir has a thesis statement that addresses your life experience with “the critical and the creative.” The memoir helps us get to know you as a human being and to learn how your life experiences with analyzing and creating media have shaped your thinking. You have used at least one idea from the work of authors we have encountered in the course so far.

3. The media memoir attracts and holds the reader’s interest and is well-organized, with no spelling, grammar or usage errors. You have embedded at least one image and one hyperlink in your work. You have posted your LEAP 1 to your blog and shared your work using Twitter with the hashtag #EDC534.

Exemplar: Tracey Dann