We create media to demonstrate what we’re learning from reading, viewing and discussion. In this class, we explore ideas by composing media in a wide variety of forms.

In addition to more traditional forms of print-based discussion responses on WordPress and Twitter, you will also be responsible for completing four LEAP activities designed to help you express the knowledge you are gaining through reading and discussion. Each of the short LEAP experiences contributes to the development of your personal and professional identity. Some LEAPs will be collaborative. You will have choices as you experiment with representing your learning through various media forms, genres and formats to develop your technology competencies, using different types of tools to accomplish your goals. All LEAPs will be posted to your blog with a small bit of contextual writing to frame your work. You share your work using Twitter with the hashtag #EDC534.

LEAP #1. Media Memoir

LEAP #2. Explain a Key Idea

LEAP #3. Collaborate and Connect

LEAP #4 Remix Creativity

Each LEAP assignment will be described in the space below, with a description of expectations and criteria for evaluation.