LEAP 2 – Create with Images

LEAP #2. Collaborate and Create with Images (and Some Words)

Select some key ideas from course readings that are relevant to you and work with a class partner to create a compelling visual display that sheds insight on the ideas of interest. You may choose to inform, persuade and/or entertain, using any format, genre or style appropriate for your intended target audience of college-educated adults with an interest in digital literacy. You and your partner will need to make some important decisions as you collaborate and create:

CONTENT. What ideas from the course readings are important enough to express and communicate to a larger audience?  You and your partner will synthesize some of the most interesting ideas and express them using images in combination with some language.

FORMAT. What genre, tone and style do you want to use in expressing these ideas? You must use images (and some language in written and/or spoken form) for this project. You choose which digital tools to use in creating your project. Perhaps you will choose to create an e-book, a poster, an image slideshow, a screencast, an infographic, a remix, an animation, a video or another format of your choice.  You must produce a creative artifact that can be distributed digitally. If you choose to use moving image media, your work cannot exceed 5 minutes in length.

PROCESS. You must work in close collaboration with a creative partner to develop and create your project. Find your partner using direct communication and use the sign-up sheet to identify your topic and themes to avoid overlap or redundancy with other class members. As you begin, you may benefit from reading “The Power of Two” by Joshua Wolf Shenk to consider the creative power of partnerships. Use your time and talents efficiently to maximize your collaborative and creative power. In a private email, briefly describe and reflect upon the process you and your partner used in creating to learn.

DISTRIBUTION. On your blog, your LEAP 2 project should be findable. Tweet about your using the hashtag #EDC534.

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. You have selected a key set of ideas from the course readings and communicated these ideas in a way that demonstrates your understanding and interpretation.
  2. You have used images (and some language) with awareness and sensitivity to their unique expressive features, making strategic choices regarding purpose, tone, genre and format. You have used digital tools which are appropriate to your goals and your work is shared to the public on a platform of your choice.
  3. You have documented your collaborative process in a private email where you briefly describe and reflect upon the process you and your partner used in creating to learn.

DUE: Wednesday, February 28