Week 13: Synthesis


April 25, 2018

If you were unable to participate in the live event, watch the recorded video. In the “Leave a Reply” space below, select an element of the visual synthesis not mentioned in the recording and offer a commentary or interpretation.


  1. Renee’s visual synthesis
  2. Some memories from Spring 2018
    1. Padlet Wall: Digital Civic Engagement
    2. PDF annotation
    3. Infographics on the Ethics of Representation: Twitter Moments
    4. Flipgrid on Creativity Collaboration and Literacy Learning
    5. Twitter with #EDC534
  3. Expectations for Creative Projects/Curriculum Projects – DUE MAY 7 
    1. Individualizing expectations
  4. Reflection on the course learning experience
    1. How did you use these digital tools and genres this semester? Blog/Twitter/Flipgrid/infographic/screencast/Padlet/Pathwright/others
    2. Which concepts will be most memorable and useful to you? Why?
    3. DISCUSS: How to make the class better for next time?
    4. Student evaluation data. Please use the end-of-semester Course Evaluation link to provide feedback to the instructor and officials at the University of Rhode Island on the quality of the learning experience for you.
  5. Thank yous and goodbyes


  1. #edc534 graphic design

4 comments on “Week 13: Synthesis”

  1. Awww shucks…thanks for the shout out this week:) I apologize that my schedule hasn’t allowed for me to be present for the past several weeks:( I really have enjoyed the warmness of our class & hope to recreate that same environment as I embark upon teaching my first online courses here at CCRI. I love the idea that you will be re-framing the use of Facebook in your future courses. Teaching is funny that way…

    So, literally the only thing aspect of Prof. Hobbs’ “Visual Analysis” that wasn’t covered was “Transformativeness.” That works for me because I feel that that was one of the topics I really need to learn more about.

    For me, Copyright & Fair Use are such slippery notions. In an effort to combat my own confusion, I have just recently begun exploring OER (Open Educational Resources). OER’s are free, open-source textbooks that keep money in the pockets of students & out of the pockets of gluttonous publishing companies. OER’s exist for every subject & I’m excited to be using them. Our library is really onboard with them, which helps. In addition, my onlive Film Theory course will be using a great Library Subscription called “Kanopy.” This is a database of 30,000 indie/classic films whose copyrights have all been legally purchased by the cooperating schools & libraries. Well…Thanks everyone & have a great Summer!


  2. I’m terribly sad to have missed the last class together. I kind of wish we could just keep meeting once in a while to discuss what we’re doing with everything we’ve learned, BUT!…we have SIDL to look forward to!

    I feel like so much was covered in the discussion of the visual synthesis, but one area I am still sitting with is copyright/fair use and how we “reinforce or challenge the status quo” with digital authorship. As I’m going through my readings for my final project, I am seeing a repeated discussion: As users of games create fan-media and share it in digital spaces, are they/we playing a part in the corporate scheme and further creating advertising for the game maker? Or are they truly creating a product that changes perceptions and ideas? Is this even a goal of these users/producers? Are these digital authors remixing media thinking they’re a modern pirate protected by fair use? Meanwhile, corporations (who threaten copyright violation with scary cease & desist letters) are actually reaping the benefits of these pseudo-subversive practices? I’m wrestling with how we’re all part of this system of control disillusioned by the idea of “choice” and “individuality”. In what ways can fans/users/participants use media and fair use to create something truly transformative? I don’t have answers. I’m just sitting with these questions and ideas that all seem larger than me.

    I’ve loved every minute of this class. Have a great summer everyone and see you in July! Keep in touch via whichever platform you’re comfortable with.


  3. One of my favorite aspects of the visual synthesis that we discussed this semester was digital storytelling. I had so much fun creating a podcast episode telling a story about myself. I felt with this project i could be the most creative and I really enjoyed working on this. By taking this course, it led me to design more creative projects to use with my students in class. Right now, a group of my students are finishing up creating digital stories and they are more than I could have ever imagined or expected from them. By allowing them to be creative in class and design, they have shocked me by how engaged and enthusiastic about their work. This course has made me a better teacher by allowing my students to work in ways that we have never done before! 🙂


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