7. Creative Collaboration


Week 7 Theme: Creative Collaboration

Why are collaborations so powerful when it comes to creating media and presenting our digital identities?

AGENDA, March 7, 2018

We will not have our “live” synchronous class tonight due to Renee’s travel schedule. Please watch the 19-minute video where Hobbs reflects on your work for this week and previews the work you will complete in the second half of the semester. We’ll be back together on March 21 at 7 pm after spring break.

  1. Renee reviews your learning
    • Comments and reflections on your vlog entry on Flipgrid
    • Key takeaway ideas for reflection
      • the value and the risks of authentic, responsive audiences
      • positioning identity in relation to audience and purpose
      • the quest for recognition
      • parasocial relationships
      • discovering ideas through talking & writing
      • citizen journalism and the values of the amateur
      • vlogs: using mise-en-scene, direct address, framing, jump cuts
      • performing authenticity
  2. Renee reviews homework assignments (below) what will be due on Wednesday, March 21



Theme: The Ethics of Representation. What kind of power is inherent in the practice of representation?

1. Review the course final paper/project and email the instructor with some ideas by March 21. Review LEAP 3 Digital Storytelling, due Wednesday, April 4. We’ll discuss questions on the Facebook Digital Authorship closed group.

2. READ: Lange, P. (2014). Representational Ideologies. (Chpater 6).  Kids on YouTube: Technical identities and digital literaces (pp. 157 – 188). Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.

3. READ: Choose one of the following:

4. Create an infographic/data visualization that examines some key ideas from Lange, Parker or Burgess. You may benefit from learning more about the infographic genre by reading Hobbs, Create to Learn, Chapter 10 (pp. 155 – 16). Some digital tools and examples are available here.  Post your infographic to your website and tweet a link using the hashtag #EDC534.


14 comments on “7. Creative Collaboration”

  1. If I am lucky, I will get to visit a samba school, eat some empanadas and meet some amazing media literacy educators in Sao Paolo and Brasilia, courtesy of the U.S. State Department. What a spring break for me!


  2. Thanks Renee. Your explanation of what’s to come is clear enough. I have some thoughts already about my Leap 3 and my final project. During the break I hope to focus these a bit more. But got to get those taxes filed first! Enjoy your travels. Barbara


  3. Safe travels to you!! And I’m just hoping for a little more sleep! My school district spring break doesn’t align with my university spring break, but I’ll take a week of less on my ‘to do’ list either way. Maybe I’ll attack some of my “to read for pleasure” pile this week!! Or, let’s be real, I’m going to binge-watch “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”! 🙂


  4. Although this spring break doesn’t align with my district vacation, it is fantastic to have a shorter “to-do” list. It will be spirit week at my school. i’m the Freshmen class advisor so I have plenty to keep me busy. I also plan to use my week off to catch up on sleep, grading, and other house projects (which seem to be forever ongoing!).


  5. Like Meg, I am looking forward to having a little less on my ‘to do’ list over the next week. I’ll still be facilitating my students digital creativity, though! This week K students (62 students in 3 classrooms) enter the image/video capturing phase of their film to welcome next year’s new K students. Yikes… Enjoy the break everyone! 🙂


  6. I am pleasantly surprised we get to celebrate Spring Break! It does not correspond to my district’s break, either so I hope to get ahead on the LEAP 3, the readings, and the project so that when my district is on Spring Break I can enjoy the beach! Barbara’s suggestion about getting the taxes done sounds like a smart idea. I might try to get ahead with projects I want to work on around my house including sewing and crafting. I am very confused by the time stamps on these entries. Is it my computer? All of these posts are showing up as entered on March 8 very early in the morning!


  7. I plan to kick off Spring Break with a concert @ the Columbus Theater in Providence. If I am lucky, I will be able to dig myself out from beneath my mountain of grading and can get caught up on sleep. I would make plans if the #!$&*# weather could make up its mind:( I hope everyone has a great week!


  8. Hello everyone! It’s fun reading everyone’s hopes and dreams 😉 I look forward to using break time to read. I’ve been getting into nonfiction for the first time in my life, an interesting development. I can’t really predict what I will read–that’s the fun part. Also, I’ve been using Youtube more to learn about ideas. I predict I will do some of that too.


  9. I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring break! Unfortunately I don’t get to go anywhere warm and sunny like I would like, I will be teaching my middle school scholars about Everest! As the climbing season is approaching, I am getting my students ready to follower climbers’ journeys on their ascend to the top! Track season has also begun so hopefully we can get some warmer weather and my runners can get outside to practice!


  10. Hi Everyone, spring break has been a busy one. Like many of you said catching up on grading, teaching library classes and entering grades for report cards. Reading and doing college work was also part of the time spent. We had a few snow day so I had to shovel a lot of snow. Getting reading for book fair and reading week was also a big task. I also managed to sneak away some time to go Watch a Wrinkle in Time and had a special dinner at Olive Garden.


  11. Hey Everyone!
    Spring break has come and gone and in a couple of days we’ll be back in class. I tackled the endless to-do list and yup, did my tax return, cleaned out THAT closet, and got new tires on my car. But, did some fun things too! Met up with some friends and ate some really good food…did that a few times! And what else? I spent some time on this week’s readings and upcoming projects. And whoosh…there’s goes a week. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


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