LEAP 2. Create with Images

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Select some key ideas from course readings that are relevant to you and work with a class partner to create a compelling visual display that sheds insight on the ideas of interest. You may choose to inform, persuade and/or entertain, using any format, genre or style appropriate for your intended target audience of college-educated adults with an interest in digital literacy. You and your partner will need to make some important decisions as you collaborate and create:

Meg Jones and Barbara Miller– Creation: Learning and Teaching

Adam Hogue and Angie Hartley: Duck and Cover Remix

Kristen Hoffman and Cornelia Trahan – Digital Literacy

Erica Harrington and Tim Stewart – Digital Civic Engagement

Pat Johnson & Jamie Greene – Encouraging Digital Learning and Authorship: The 5Cs

Alida Hanson & Matt Paiva – Digital Civic Engagement

Matt Mendes and Mary Dindorff – Critical Consumer of Digital Media

Denise Phillips & Sherri Jackson – Digital Literacy

Changhee Lee  – Creating, Learning, Creativity and Media 


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