Our final class:


  • Progress on Your Ignite Presentations
  • DIY.org questions for discussion:
    1. Why is creative learning getting more attention now?
    2. Can creative learning really help promote school reform? Why or why not?
    3. How can creative learning demonstrate measurable impact for accountability purposes?
    4. What are the pros and cons of badges as an approach to measuring digital authorship?
    5. Do online creative communities have a place in formal education?
    6. What are the similarities and differences between DIY.org and HitRecord?
  • View and Discuss: This Will Revolutionize Education.
    • What do you like about this video? What do you dislike?
    • How does this video relate to what we have been studying?
    • What’s missing from this video?
  • Renee’s mini-lecture on key ideas from the course
  • Renee’s Visual Synthesis


Student IDEA Evaluations

DUE: Screencast IGNITE presentation – April 27

DUE: Final Paper/Project – May 5

EDC 534 FINAL Spring 2017

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