April 17, 2017

If you did not participate in the live class, watch the recording and comment in the YouTube comment thread.


  1. Notes on LEAP 4 HIT RECORD and Progress on Your Final Projects
  2. Reflecting on the Readings
    1. How do authors and readers make sense of the relationship between language and images as we engage in screen reading practices? (Rachel Cohen)
    2. What are some potential positive (and negative) consequences to the rise of “ordinary voices” in contemporary culture? (Jean Burgess)
    3. What is popular culture & why should it be a part of literacy education? (Robert Petrone)
    4. When Howard Rheingold says it’s not sufficient for people to simply participate in digital culture, what does he mean? Do you agree or disagree?
  3. A Culture of Sharing: Learn more about DIY.org and learn more about DIY.org
  4. On completing your Screencast IGNITE presentation and your Final Paper/Project.


  1. Explore. Spend 45 minutes exploring DIY.org, co-founded by Andrew Sliwinski. Then be prepared to answer these questions:
    1. Why is creative learning getting more attention now?
    2. Can creative learning really help promote school reform? Why or why not?
    3. How can creative learning demonstrate measurable impact for accountability purposes?
    4. What are the pros and cons of badges as an approach to measuring digital authorship?
    5. Do online creative communities have a place in formal education?
    6. What are the similarities and differences between DIY.org and HitRecord?

2. Take a Look Back.  For those who attended the 2016, Summer Institute: What do you remember most about your experience at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy? How have you used what you learned? What is your most significant accomplishment in advancing digital literacy since completing the program? Comment on the Flipgrid.

3. Time to Register for 2017 Summer Institute in Digital Literacy.



DUE: Screencast IGNITE presentation – April 27

DUE: Final Paper/Project – May 5

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