Pedagogies of Authorship: Transgression, Chaos and Messy Engagement

Why do teachers sometimes become overwhelmed and exhausted by the practice of youth media in schools? Why do young people sometimes make intentionally transgressive videos?

If you did not participate in the “live” class, watch the recording below:


  1. Your warm and cool feedback on student media production & your reflection on teaching practice at Highgate School & your tweets about the readings
  2. Talking about Messy Engagement and Teaching
    1. Renee talks about the the Signature Pedagogies Project and the Instructional Practices of the Teaching Artist
    2. Reflection on HitRecord LEAP 4 – due April 4
    3. View and Discuss: What is Art For?
  3. Discussion of the Readings: Messy Engagement 
    1. What makes it difficult to bring children’s media into the classroom?
    2. How might students respond to an activity to critically analyze gender stereotypes in popular music?
    3. Why is parody an attracting and yet challenging form for students?
    4. Play can be powerful and yet problematic in education: “If we know exactly where play is leading or how it will end up, it is no longer play (Ellsworth, 2005, p. 73). How might teachers manage this unpredictability?
    5. When student digital authorship reinforces gender stereotypes and inequalities, how should teachers react?
    6. What are the opportunities and risks of the “teachable moment?”
    7. What’s fun about transgressing boundaries of political correctness? What should be the limits of student empowerment/transgression?
    8. What kind of transgression and messy engagement do you want to see in your classroom? What kind would you prefer to avoid?

NON-SYNCHRONOUS ACTIVITIES – please complete before Monday, April 10

Make some progress and focus on your #EDC534 Final Project. Please review the learning outcomes for this course as well as the criteria for evaluation for the final paper/project as you plan and develop your ideas.

Consultation Opportunities. Professor Hobbs is available for a Twitter or phone chat over the next two weeks at a time determined by mutual agreement. If you like, reach out to her via Twitter to schedule time to brainstorm or develop ideas with her.


DUE: LEAP 4, April 4

DUE: Multimedia Reflective Essay 2, April 10

DUE: Screencast IGNITE presentation – April 27

DUE: Final Paper/Project – May 5

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