Read, View and Comment.  FOCUS ON the Audience Problem: What makes a youth-produced video watchable or unwatchable? In what contexts do people become the audience for digital media produced by children and youth?  After reading the two articles, compare and contrast the two articles by creating a visual diagram or representation of some sort, including at least 2 relevant direct quotations from the works to capture key points of consensus and differences between these authors. Post your diagram to your blog and tweet a link using the #EDC 534 hashtag.

Vanessa Dyer


Olivia Diiorio

Made with Padlet

Mary Wallace

edc-534-digital-authorship-syllabus-spring-2017-final-revised-2-13-17Screenshot 2017-03-27 23.11.39

Lourdes Smith: The Audience Problem on Thinglink

Tori Vichroski: The Audience Problem on Piktochart

Marie Mello

Made with Padlet

Nada Samih-Rotondo

Made with Padlet

Kristen Beatty

Made with Padlet

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