Monday, March 20, 2017.



Voice – Agency – Process – Product – Power

What are the power dynamics of digital authorship? How is youth creative authorship inflected by the expectations of teachers, mentors and guides?


  • Reflect on LEAP 3: Collaborative authorship
  • Transgression in Digital Authorship: Mini-Lecture
  • Discussion of the Readings
    • Why do educators and scholars tend to romanticize “youth voice’?
    • What is “dramatized confrontation” and why does it occur in collaborative media production experiences?
    • How do teachers manage time, space and texts as a “means of pedagogic control” when students are engaged in digital authorship?
    • What can we learn about the instructional practices of youth media educators by analyzing the films that students create?
    • How does multimedia storytelling help students take an “authorial stance” to dissolve boundaries between in-school and out-of-school identities?
    • How is “youth voice” structured and controlled by the agendas and priorities of the organizations that fund and support this work?
  • Introduce LEAP 4
  • Homework and Next Steps

NON-SYNCHRONOUS ACTIVITIES – please complete before March 27

  1. Read, View and Comment.  FOCUS ON the Audience Problem: What makes a youth-produced video watchable or unwatchable? In what contexts do people become the audience for digital media produced by children and youth?  After reading the two articles, compare and contrast the two articles by creating a visual diagram or representation of some sort, including at least 2 relevant direct quotations from the works to capture key points of consensus and differences between these authors. Post your diagram to your blog and tweet a link using the #EDC 534 hashtag.

COMING UP! Complete List of Deadlines for EDC534

DUE: Email the Instructor with a Plan for Your Final Paper/Project Idea – March 27

DUE: LEAP 4, April 4

DUE: Multimedia Reflective Essay 2, April 10

DUE: Screencast IGNITE presentation – April 27

DUE: Final Paper/Project – May 5

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