February 27, 2017
Freedom and Responsibility I: Issues of Identity and Representation: What are the obligations that authors have to themselves, their subjects and their audiences?



  1. READ and COMMENT. Remember that “everybody learns from everybody.” View at least one student’s LEAP 2 assignment and respond and comment on Twitter using the hashtag #EDC534
  2. TEAMWORK. Brainstorm and find a partner for LEAP 3 “Collaborate and Connect” using the Google Doc.  With your partner, make a plan for how you will (a) engage in the first phase of developing an extended, rich dialogue about concepts and ideas related to the class that are of mutual interest and (b) develop a small informal work of multimedia authorship that captures key dimensions of your dialogue.
  3. VIEW. View and read Kate Williams digital annotation of  YouTube Copyright Basics and How South Part Saved Fair Use. 
  4. READ. Read  Hobbs and Jenkins on copyright, fair use and digital learning:
  5. ANNOTATE. Make a connection between the readings and the video as you annotate the video you have been assigned. In your annotation, try to make reference to at least 3 key ideas from the readings.

User Rights, Section 107. James, Vanessa, Charles.

Copyright = Stealing. Lourdes, Tori, Kristin.

Is Copying Wrong?  Marie, Daniel Riley, Mary Wallace.

Ithaca College Case Study Daniel Tucker, Olivia, Nicole.

Where’s the Fair Use?  Nada, Winnie, Donna.


DUE: March 6 – Reflective Essay

March 16: LEAP 3


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